If these 5 reasons don’t get you fired up to get up earlier and take control of your productivity, there may no hope for you… really.

Life starts when you get out of your comfort zone. Nothing new or exciting happens when you continue to do what you’ve always done. Yes, it is time for you to change the way you’ve done things and it starts with getting your butt up earlier than you ever have EVERYDAY.

Ask yourself, how bad do you really want a new life. You get out what you put in.  Let’s get it.

1. Let’s Face It, You Only Get One Chance At Life

Do you want to be on your death bed and your life flashes before you and you realize you haven’t done what you set out to do? This should be a “no-brainer” but I am surprised at just how many people don’t get it. There are no guarantees in life, except that one day you will die. How will you be remembered? How did you help mankind? What is your legacy?

Well, you better get up and live life to the fullest because you owe it to yourself and those you love. Imagine if you lived life like every day was your last day on earth. How much do you think you would achieve?

2. You Get Quiet Time Or Me Time

Between family, relationship, or work life, your day can be very hectic. You may not get time during the day for a break, quiet time, or “me” time. Well, by getting up earlier, you get to spend some quality time with yourself for a change. Yes, you actually get some peace and quiet. No phone ringing, emails, or texts to interfere with you. Yes, this time can be all about you.

If you don’t take care of yourself, how do you think you can take care of others?

Go ahead and start tomorrow:)

3. You Get To Do Something(s) You Never Have Time For

Want to learn a foreign language? Need to work on your blog? Need to do your accounting work, you never seem to have time for? Want to get a workout? Bike ride? When is the last time you went for a run? How about a nice long bath or shower? Closet needs cleaning? Building a new business? Trying to learn a new skill?

I could literally go on, and on, AND ON!

You get the picture right? You can add 30 to 60 extra hours a month to Unleash Your Best Life.

4. You Want To Be Successful So Bad You Will Do Whatever It Takes

Instead of making excuses, you do whatever it takes to be successful. You are going to do everything in your power to make it happen… right? Success doesn’t just happen. It takes massive action. By getting up early and taking action, you give yourself more time to do what needs to be done to make your life successful.

5. You Are “Super Passionate” About What You Are Doing

Passionate people get up early because they are passionate about what they are doing in their lives. Passion defined is a strong and barely controllable emotion. You need passion to run a business, change your life, or change the world! Life isn’t easy and you need lots of energy to get through a day. Having passion will give you the energy to get through a long day. What are you passionate about? If you lack passion, you need a bigger “why”.

Passion should fuel your fire!

Getting up early can change your life faster than you ever dreamed possible and you can start today. Don’t just carpe diem (seize the day). SEIZE EVERYDAY LIKE IT’S YOUR LAST.

Seize Everyday – Control Your Productivity,

John Ontal


P.S. Let me know what you will do when you (will) get up early below and like and share.

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