Use These 67 Life Hacking Tips In This Epic 4,000+ Word Blog Post To Maximize Your Output And Get More Things That Matter Done In Less Time Than You Ever Thought Possible

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So what does that mean for you?

One of two things…

You can have more time to lay around on the beach…


You can be the productive Life Hacking Machine YOU’VE always wanted to be:)

The choice is yours.

own your time

Either way…

Let’s get right to it so YOU can begin utilizing these 67 life hacks to transform your life faster and more efficiently today.

1. Getting Started Kills Procrastination Every Time

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There is no better cure for getting your butt off the fence and into the game than to to just start. Yes, you will make some mistakes, but guess what? It doesn’t matter. Who Cares? No one, but YOU. YOU are your toughest critic. You will fix your mistakes as you go. But even more importantly, you will do some amazing things that you never even thought you could. So, quit fiddle farting around and just do it. Get started today.

2. Go To Work On Your Project In The Morning

Don’t read the paper or any other time wasters. If you are working on a project that takes multiple days to complete, make sure to allocate a defined amount of time each day until it gets done. If you have other things you have to do during the day, read #3

3. Plate Already Full? Now What?

how to reach your goals

No excuses. Think you have too much to do? YOU are not alone. Try getting up earlier than normal. You will notice how quiet it is, especially if you have a full house. Ever heard, “The early bird gets the worm”? It’s true! #letsgetit

4. Take Breaks If And When…

If you can work all day on your project or all weekend, take breaks every hour to hour and a half to walk around a little or do something physical. 5-10 minutes of circulation can help you chug along.

5. How To Use Meals To Fuel Your Fire

Eat small meals or snacks high in protein, healthy fats, or complex carbs through out the day. Plan these meals ahead of time or make a healthy shake to make sure you don’t bite the dust.

Hidden Benefit: By eating strategically you can turn your body into a Fat Burning Machine

fat burning machine,, life hacks, biohacks, blog

6. Kill Your Mobile Devices

Let’s take a look at the big picture. Do you really need to know everything that is going on with your friends or what is going on in the world constantly??? Hell No! Shut it down and get it done!

7. Put Blinders On

Tell your clients, family members, and associates before hand that you will not be available during this time. YOU are going to do EPIC THINGS! Put blinders on!

8. If It Is Sucking All Your Time…

Ask someone else to do it or pay someone else to do it! Delegate!

9. If YOU Are Not Good At It…

Have the ability to realize this and see #8

10. Work In Your Best Work Place

For some this may be in a home office, for some it may outside, coffee shop, at the beach, anywhere but a cubicle right?

my best office views 21- - life hacking blog

11. Work On A Computer Or At A Desk?

If you do, try working standing up for a change, you will find you don’t get as tired and the creativity flows much more freely:)

12. Music Is A Key Factor For Me Being A Life Hacking Machine

When I am writing this blog and I want to PUMP OUT THE CONTENT. I often loop one of my favorite songs and jam it over, and over, AND OVER AGAIN. I don’t hear all the words, but I do hear the chorus and the beat. I get into a rhythm that is UNSTOPPABLE.

If that is a little too extreme for you, make a “best of” or “greatest hits” list.

For me, I prefer to listen to similar music that I use to get “pumped up” in the gym.

13. Set Up Systems


Whatever it is you are doing or trying to accomplish… you have to set up systems to be efficient. Do that starting today. You can use google calendar, apps, notepad, word, or old school pen and pad.

14. Use A Timer

Google online timer and you will find several, there’s an app for this, or your mobile device should have one. Make a plan of attack, write down what you have to do and set the timer for 30 minutes and watch how much you will get done. It works really well. Here is one I use:

#hint – Tweak the times according to what you are doing. I find an hour or less to be the best for me.

15. Be Accountable

If you are going to accomplish great things in your life time you have to be accountable.

I’m telling you for a FACT, that having someone or a group that can hold you accountable is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for your success. If you need help with this email me here.

16. Measure

Measuring is so important. You must ask yourself, “What did you accomplish?”

If you are going to successfully move forward, you have to measure what you got from what you did. If you did work for an hour and got nothing done, try changing systems, places you work, or time you worked.

17. If You Are In The Flow Don’t Stop


I see people quit because it’s bed time or because they are hungry… not me… I go until I am finished… and guess what… that is how I get things DONE!

And so WILL YOU:)

18. Get Great Sleep But…

You don’t have to have 8 or 10 hours of sleep to be well rested. Instead, focus on the quality of sleep. I typically get 4 to 5 hours of sleep and have no problem. I wake up energized and ALIVE! Quality over Quantity.

19. Massive Action = Massive Results

massive action equals massive results

I live by this quote because it’s true! Write it down and memorize it.

20. Open Emails Twice A Day Only

When you put all your email interactions into a few chunks a day, you will find yourself getting more of what you really want to do done faster.

21. Have a “To Don’t” List

YOU know what your time wasters are! Be honest here for and make a list of all the thinks YOU shouldn’t be doing.

22. Declutter

My desk in my home office has the tendency to get cluttered… i have no idea how (lol!). But as soon as I declutter, the flow of thoughts, ideas, and game plans come front and center. If you have problems decluttering read #23 and #10.

23. Get Fresh Air

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It is amazing how much more energized I feel when I get outside and breathe in fresh air. Working outside can also be just the new environment you need for rapidly getting things done.

24. Own it

Listen… if you don’t take stock in what you are doing… no one else will either. You have to actually give a sh*t or it will be unsuccessful. On the flip side, don’t do things you really don’t want to do. Outsource it.

25. Learn To Say, “No”

tips for getting things done

Highly productive people say, “No” more often than unproductive people do. Make sure to read #37 too.

26. Make A “To Do” List

It doesn’t matter if it is a from a pen and pad, an app, or a notepad on your computer or mobile device. What matters is that you make the list and check things off when you do them. You will ABSOLUTELY get more done.

27. Schedule Time For Yourself

Gym time, time with friends, family time, quiet time, spiritual time, and relaxation time should all be scheduled. If not, the day will get away from you.

28. Are You The Smartest Person In Your Social Groups? If So Read This…


You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most. If you are the smartest one in your group… you need to expand your network.

29. Recharge Your Jets

Did you finally finish a major project, product launch, or personal best that you have been striving for? Take some time off to recharge your jets. Unplug, get a massage, go to a spa, spend some time doing absolutely nothing productive. Some of you find this hard to do, but once you come back, you will be re-energized, and ready to go full steam.

30. Do The Most Difficult Thing First If…

YOU are working on something for yourself and have no other work responsibilities. Get the most difficult thing done first because you have the most energy early in the day. When you get it done, you will feel a GREAT sense of accomplishment.

Check out this hidden benefit:

The rest of the day will be a breeze because you got the most difficult thing  knocked out.

31. Do The Easiest Things First If…

YOU are working for others. Let me explain… if you are trying to build a brand, a product, or something new, in your spare time, but you have a job, or you are a freelancer, and have obligations to others… do the easy things first that you are obligated to do. By knocking these out first and communicating with your boss or clients, you can get back to working on your stuff with less headaches and emails.

32. Don’t Take Days Off


I can’t count the number of times that I have been asked to leave a coffee shop because they were closing. I can’t tell you how many Saturday and Sundays I have worked all day long while others are playing golf, watching football, or lounging  by the pool.

Do you know why I can’t count the days… because I count the years… that’s right the YEARS that I have done what others won’t do so I can get the life I want.

33. Stay Up Later

I get more done when others are sleeping than most people get done while awake. Why? I stay up later. I work til I can’t go any longer. If I am wore out from work, I hone my mind by studying latest trends. I use this time to brainstorm, plan my next day, make my lists, go for bike rides, working out, taking cold showers, or to meditate.

Think about this little food for thought…

If you stayed up just 2 hours later than you usually do… you would have an extra 60 hours a month.

34. Don’t Squander Downtime

Successful people feed their brains when others are watching TV or partying. Ask yourself this… Are you sharpening your blade… or dulling it?

35. Get Healthy

A healthy body and mind are absolute necessary for you to be productive as possible. If you are constantly sick you are going to have a hard time getting anything done.

36. If YOU Think It…

Write it down. Carry a pen and pad, mobile phone, or pad for the “light bulb moments” in life. If you are in bed, keep a pad close by just in case.

It is awful to wake up and you can’t remember what you were thinking about isn’t it?

37. If It Only Takes A Few Minutes…

If someone in your personal or business network asks you for something and it only takes you a few minutes, DO IT, because you never know when you will need a favor. What comes around goes around. Just don’t do it when you are in the middle of something BIG.

38. Need An Extra 150 Hours A Month Or More

Turn off the TV. According to a report issued by Nielsen the average American watches 5 hours of TV every day.

Wow! That is a like a full time job! Just imagine what you could do or build in that time…

39. Remind Yourself That Death Is Going To Happen

tips for getting things done

There are only a few things that we know are going to happen and one is taxes and the other is… DEATH. We don’t know when death is going to happen, but we know it will. Don’t dwell on it, but use it as a motivator.

Ask yourself this…. “If I died tomorrow, did I give it everything I have?”

Don’t think so… ask the person that has been told by doctor’s that he/she has 6 months to live.

How do you think their perspective changes.

Add this to your mental toolbox and when you think about quitting… refer back to this page #39.


I Believe in YOU:)

40. Finish Strong

It’s not how you start the game, but how you finish the game that matters. Finish strong every time you do something.

41. Be OK With Being Critiqued

As long as the person critiquing you or giving you constructive criticism is qualified to give it.

There are 4 criteria for taking advice. If someone doesn’t fit at least one of the following, I DO NOT take advice from them.

A. Don’t ever take advice from someone who doesn’t have your best interest. There are a lot of haters out there that don’t want you to succeed.

B. If a person hasn’t done what you want to do, don’t take advice from them. Example: If you want to be an entrepreneur don’t take advice from someone who has worked a job their entire life.

C. If they are not successful, don’t take advice from them.There are plenty of arm chair quarterbacks that love to give advice that should not be listened to.

D. IF they are your mentor or coach and they are qualified, listen to them.

42. Define Your Own Success

define your own success

The most successful people in this world define their own success and you should too. Just because the world is telling you to get a certain type of job that you may hate, buy a house with a 30 year mortgage, and only vacation once a year, doesn’t mean that equals success for you. Define success and go after it.

43. Outwork Everyone Else

Talent only takes you so far and if you don’t have it you can still compete and win. You don’t have to feel inadequate ever again.

So… how do you level the playing field? You work your butt off harder than anyone else to get things done.

There are plenty of 1st round draft picks in professional sports that were busts, or didn’t live up to their potential because they didn’t work hard enough. And guess what.. in your field… there are several individuals that may have got to the top by talent… but just aren’t working hard anymore.

They are coasting…

What does that mean for you…

The coasters in life get passed up!

You can outwork them every day and you will get noticed… it may not be by your boss, but it may the boss of a rival, it may be a co worker that has had enough too… and you both start your own business.

I Believe In YOU!

For more info checkout out my hard work tips blog post.

hard-work-tips -6

44. Educate Yourself

We live in the era where we are not limited by where we live to an education. Take advantage of this by educating yourself. By having internet access, you can take classes online, listen to webinars, listen to lecturers, and invest in yourself through online programs that will teach you exactly what you want to know.

45. Don’t Multitask

If you want to get things done you have to have a singular focus and do it until it gets done. Don’t multitask if you want to get something done. We all have things to do, but allocate time for what you need done and schedule it.

46. Don’t Believe In Hope

Hope will not help you write a book today. Hope will not lift the weights you want to lift. Hope will not help you lose the weight you want to lose. Hope will not stop the bill that needs to be paid from being due. Hope marketing doesn’t work either. Take “hope” out of your vocabulary and instead of saying, “I hope”, say, “I WILL”!

47. Brainstorm

Want to get more done? You can’t just run around like a chicken with your head cut off. You have to brainstorm. This is when the creativity and new ideas pour in to your mind.

Here is the trick: Write them down and act on the good ones, and file the rest away… you never know.

48. Being Happy

If you are upset or moping around you will have a very hard time getting things done with speed and efficiency. Being happy should not be overlooked when you are trying to accomplish so much:)

49. Being Likable Will Take You Places You Never Thought Possible

You ever hear, it’s not what you know, but who you know? Well, it definitely helps to have friends and be likable. You are going to need help along the way on your life hacking conquests. If YOU are not likable you are going to have a hard time finding help. No one likes an AS*HOLE for a boss, a partner or a friend. Learn to be more likable and the world is yours!

50. Are You Good At Things? Well…

Find out what you are good at and learn to be great at it. People don’t pay you for good. They pay YOU for GREAT!

51.  Set A Dollar Value To Your Time

how much are you worth

How much are you worth? How much realistically are you worth for an hour of your time? What skills do you need to make more money?

Here are 2 resources for evaluating what certain salaries are paying:

A. Salary Wizard

B. Salaries

The results may be very eye opening.

52. How Do You Eat An Elephant?

One bite at a time. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times there is nothing YOU can’t do. I don’t care how big a task. I don’t care how long you think it may take… YOU CAN DO IT.


You have to break it down into chunks or bite sized tasks that you can complete in short amounts of time. When you think of a giant task you have to mentally prepare yourself for tackling it. And by breaking it down, it makes it way easier.

Please make sure to read #21, #26, #45 on this page again.

53. Ask Yourself, “What Am I Doing To Move This Forward?”

If what you are doing is important enough for you take time out of your schedule… you have to be moving forward. Standing still, not going forward will not help you achieve the success you want. Get moving!

54. Make Yourself Uncomfortable

get comfortable with being uncomfortable

I love this one! And I make my self uncomfortable all the time. Why… because when I feel like my back is against the wall… I come out swinging… and I get BIG THINGS DONE this way and so will YOU.


Give your seat up on the couch to those who want to be comfortable. Not you.

55. Keep Meetings To A Minimum

Meetings can be big time wasters. They are like a happy hour or hanging out at the water cooler. Keep them on point. Make sure you have an agenda before the meeting and strike anything that does not pertain to the task at hand.

56. Keep Phone Calls Short And To The Point

Just like meetings (see #55), phone calls can be a waste of time unless you are networking or making referrals, keep them short and sweet. Without a doubt, you will get things done faster.

57. Break Your Day Up Into Short Bursts Of Time

unleash your best life

25 minutes on, 5 minutes off, 50 minutes on, 10 minutes off are two great ways to dial in your time and give yourself a break. When I do this, I am so fired up to get back to work. Our bodies and mind need a little break in the action to perform at their peaks. Tweak and test what works best for you.

58. Make Time To Socialize

Good friends are hard to find and when you have them, make sure you take the time to keep up with them. Social media is fine, but phone calls, and getting together are even greater. Schedule it.

59. Give Yourself 5 Minute Warnings

When dealing with kids… one effective practice when trying to get them to leave an area, pack it up, or get ready to leave is to give them a five minute warning.

The five minute warning accomplishes two things:

A. The kids don’t freak out like they do if you just tell them that you have to leave right now.
B. They get to cram as much as they can in to the five minute stretch. They can say their good byes, ride one more ride, run around the field one more time, or whatever their little hearts desire.

You know what they say…

If you can’t beat them… join em’.

Here’s the tip… focus on B. Give yourself 5 minute warnings throughout your day and watch how much you can get done. Try it.

It works.

60. Eliminate Everything That Is Not Necessary

get things done faster

If it’s not absolutely necessary eliminate it right now. Make a list of everything you can get rid of and get rid of it.

You will magically find that you have more time to “Unleash Your Best Life”.

61. Take Breaks When Wore Out

Life is hard… there will be times when you simply are so worn out that you can’t go forward. When you have exhausted all your physical and mental assets… and you have nothing left in the tank… take a break.

62. Be Passionate

Have you ever heard that if you love something it’s not work? Well… no doubt about it… it’s a FACT!

Be passionate about what you do and no matter how long it takes you will be able to do it. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

63. Healthy Hobbies? Really??

Let’s get real for a minute…

There was a time in my life that every activity I did with friends involved booze.

Guess how many hangovers I used to have?

Guess how many dumb things I used to do?

Guess how many days I wasted?

Way too many to count.

So… if you want to get more things done… participate in healthier hobbies.

Maybe you need new hobbies too.

Try these:

  • Learn a language
  • Hit the gym
  • Martial Arts
  • Scuba diving
  • Learn something that interests you
  • Volunteer
  • Go hiking
  • Do something new in your city often

So, if you don’t want to lose hours, days, weekends, weeks, or even months, I suggest for you to find some healthy hobbies.

64. Are you familiar with the Pareto Principle?

The Pareto Principle states 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. For example 80% of your sales most likely come from 20% of your clients. This is the 80/20 rule and you need to find out which 20% of input leads to 80% of your output.  Focus on these super-productive tasks.

65. Replace “I Can’t” With “I Will”

how to get things done 5

It is truly amazing what changing a few words around or replacing a few words will do for you. Try this NOW. Replace “I Can’t” with “I Will”.If you can’t do something now, you have to believe. Need someone to believe you?


I BELIEVE YOU WILL accomplish what you set out in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.

66. Reward Yourself

The key is to reward yourself with healthy things instead of destructive things/activities.

You figure this out:)

67. Stack Life Hacks For Massive Multiplying Results

stacking life hacks

If you want to deliver the goods in record time… try stacking life hacks on top of each other, with each other, and back to back. #67 is truly my ace in the hole. Let the creative juices flow! Refer to

******I firmly believe that the future is very bright for YOU…

When YOU apply what you learn here in your daily life you can become a Life Hacking Machine and begin to “Unleash Your Best Life”.

It is literally LIKE MAGIC.

As a matter of fact…

I have seen lives change from adopting these life hacks very quickly and YOURS WILL TO:)

*********As always, leave your comments, questions, and experience with life hacks below in the comment section. I will respond to as many as I can!


To Your Life Hacking Success,

John Ontal


P.S. – Use these 67 life hacks to get things done faster and more efficiently than ever before and let me know how they work out for you below in the comments section.

P.P.S. – If I missed any productivity life hacks that you use, let me know below.

P.P.P.S – Make sure to try stacking them in creative ways because I am excited to see how they work for you.

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