These 12 Benefits From Cold Showers Make It Worth The Plunge

In order to be a Life Hacking Machine you have to find out how to shake things up, do different things, and get the maximum out of everything you do – and that goes for showering too. Immersing yourself in cold water has a plethora of beneficial properties that you can take advantage of… if you can deal with the chill. Taking a cold shower is literally one of the simplest life hacks you will ever come across. If you are a looking for life hack that packs a robust punch for your mind and body, with minimal effort, this is it. Just turn the knob the other direction, let go, and let it flow.

Just for YOU:

Throughout this article, I cite some bad-asses who use cold therapy and if you are in to the scientific side of how beneficial cold showers are, I cite those for you too:)

With that said…

If you want to cut to the chase… get right to the meat and potatoes… and put the peddle to the floor… let’s get right to it. #firedup

Let’s take a look at the super benefits of cold showers:

1) The Challenge, Will Power, Discipline, and Mental Chess You Can Play With Yourself From Taking Cold Showers Builds The Foundation For An Unbreakable YOU

unbreakable foundation - lifehacks life hacking blog

Yup, you become unbreakable from taking simple cold showers. Well sort of. It is definitely a start. If you want exceptional, mind blowing, life hacking things to happen in your life you have to get very comfortable doing uncomfortable things. And guess what? Do enough uncomfortable things stacked on top of each and… you become a Life Hacking Machine. Make taking cold showers a habit and watch other challenges you want to conquer crumble like a house of cards.

SELF TEST YOURSELF BELOW (Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself Either!)

Ask Yourself The Following:

  • Seriously, when is the last time you challenged your will power and discipline?
  • When is the last time you pushed away that second or third plate of food?
  • When is the last time you went to the gym and pushed yourself to go for your max rep and then did 5 or even 10 more sets?
  • When is the last time you actually finished a book?
  • When is the last time you didn’t lay in front of the TV until you went to sleep?
  • When is the last time you worked on a project until is was finished?
  • When is the last time you actually made a resolution and kept it?
  • When is the last time you did something significant that benefited others?


If you didn’t answer “in the last week” to all the questions above you may just need some self discipline. It’s ok if this applies to you for now… I believe in YOU.

But… I have to be “Straight Up”

Hoping or day dreaming won’t give you the life you want. You have to take action.

Don’t you think it is time for a little mental chess?

Start with the cold shower and stack it with other small challenges to begin to build the foundation to Unleash Your Best Life.

2) The Stress Reducing Phenomenon Associated With Taking Cold Showers Is Real

cold showers, cold water therapy, reduce stress,, life hacking life hacks

Who would have thought? Whether building muscles, building stamina, building a new business, or building a new YOU, you will undoubtedly be confronted with lots of stressful situations and that is just fine. You can’t have growth without stress.

How do you learn to cope?

Put yourself in stressful situations (like the controlled environment of a shower for a start) to build up your adaptability and coping skilss. The exposure to cold also lowers uric acid and gives Glutathione levels a powerful punch so you get a double whammy of stress reducing elements to add to your toolbox.

Here is more on Uric acid, Glutathione levels and cold exposure

3) Depression Busting Properties Are Profound

say no to depression,, life hacks, lifehacking blog, biohacking

Bouts with depression, even short-term, can derail your ability to live life to the fullest. Research has shown that short cold showers could stimulate the brain’s #1 source of noradreneline. A cold shower a day may keep the blues away. Feeling down? You are not alone. Here is a list of 50 famous people that have suffered through depression and accomplished some pretty amazing things.

4) Improved Circulation Is Another Benefit Of Cold Showers

life hack, bio hack,, life hacks, improve circulation

It’s a fact! When your body is cold blood rushes to your organs to protect them. Increased blood flow aides in overall cardiovascular health. Each day, when I hop in the cold shower I can literally feel a natural invigoration that is hard to deny.

5) Become A Fat Burning Machine From Cold Showers? Yes!

fat burning machine,, life hacks, biohacks, blog

According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine men and women between 25 and 44 gain 3.4% and 5.2% pounds a year. That is a whopping average of over 5 pounds and 8 pounds a year respectively if a man or woman weighed 160lbs.

Weight Gain Is Sneaky and Deadly

Adding 5 pounds a year for 10 years = 50 pounds of weight gain

Adding 5 pounds a year for 20 years = 100 pounds of weight gain

Here is a handy little chart that defines obesity and you can also use this super descriptive table to help you determine your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. It creeps up on you. Most people don’t even realize they are gaining weight. Showering in cold water causes your body to burn calories to warm you up. Taking cold showers every day can counter and neutralize the weight gain that most people are gaining to the tune of about 9 pounds a year.

6) Waking Up Alert Kicks Ass!

wake up alert,, life hacking, bio hacking, blog, life hacking machine

There is no better life hacking remedy for waking up with bed head and in a fog than a cold shower. Just for good measure, you can even let out several Ric Flair Woo’s if you need a little extra push to take the cold plunge. The deep breathing, influx of oxygen, and increased heart rate get you jacked up and ready to conquer the day.

You need every tool at your disposal for you to get up and GET AFTER IT including the cold shower.

7) Hair And Skin Never Felt Bett0er

benefits of cold showers,, life hacking blog

Hot showers can dry out skin. Dried out skin can lead to cracking and deplete you of your natural oils. The same goes for your hair as well. Cold water can help the appearance of your hair by flattening out hair follicles which makes them appear shinier and healthier. In addition, when the hair follicles are healthy, they grip better to the scalp.

8) Help Soreness And Recovery With Cold Showers

If it is good enough for Lebron, it is good enough for me, lol. Seriously, Lebron James knows the therapeutic benefits of cold therapy. He even takes it a notch with this post game ice bath.

Check out this study that confirms cold therapy is one of the best things you can do to recover quickly. The cold stimulates the reduction of lactic acid and the increased blood flow will have your muscles saying, “thank you” faster than you ever imagined.

9) Ratchet Up Your Immune System Effortlessly

cold shower benefits,, life hacking blog

Lifehacks that don’t require any extra output but pack huge benefits are a “no brainer”. Cold showers increase white blood cells. Fighting colds, germs, and bacterial infections has never been easier while taking your daily dose of chilly water.

10) Become “James Bond Like”

As a kid my old man always told me to flip the knob to the cold side at the end of my shower and I had no idea why until one day he let the cat out of the bag. I just thought it was to lower my body temperature so I wouldn’t sweat so much once I got out of the shower., which it does. However, it was because James Bond did it. That’s all I needed to know.

11) Natural Steroidal Bursts On Command

cold shower benefits,, life hacking blog, benefits of cold showers

Let’s face it, we can all use a natural pick me up, right? What if you could control your natural testosterone bursts? Well, you can when you add cold showers to the mix. The experts at The Thrombosis Research Institute found out that cold showers increased testosterone on command. Just another reason to take to the chilly waters.

12) Increase Fertility From Cold Showers? Yup!

benefits of cold showers, cold shower benefits,, life hacking blog

The jewels aren’t supposed to get too hot if your desire is maximum potency. Sperm counts go down when body temperature goes up. One way to thwart the undesirable effects of heat is to take cold showers on a regular basis. Men who cut exposure to high heat environments raised sperm counts by almost 500%.

So, Now You Know The Benefits And Why You Should Take Cold Showers, Let’s Go Over How To Go About It

*****Disclaimer: If you haven’t had a recent check up/physical at the doctor please do so:)

First off…

If you are healthy enough to take the chilly plunge, you may experience a little tightening of the chest and rapid breathing if you just hop in to a cold shower. Don’t freak out, you will be ok.

Here Are The Exact Steps To Take Cold Showers:

benefits of cold showers,, life hacking tips, life hacks blog000000000000000000000000000

1. Take a normal temp shower, get everything clean, and gradually move the dial to the cold side (this way you don’t end up with a half clean body because you freaked out and had to jump out).

2. Once you get the temp as cold as you can handle it, move all the way under the shower stream

3. If you get too cold turn around – repeat as necessary

4. This is a great time to meditate (now you are really using your life hacking skills) Go to your happy place:)

5. Work your way to five minutes in the cold

6. After you can make it 5 minutes in the cool water, try taking your entire shower in cold water. 7 minutes is plenty.

Tips: Have a warm towel ready when you get out. You can either put your towel in the dryer for a few minutes or get one of these handy dandy towel warmers like I have.


To Being Able To,

John Ontal


P.S. – Let me know your thoughts, experiences with cold showers, or questions below. I will respond to as many as I can.

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  • Power says:

    I love #11 “Natural Steroidal Bursts On Command”. Totally makes sense. I am going to start taking cold showers before I work out and try this out. I am tired of taking “magic potions” and am looking to for a natural boost. Hope this is it! Quick question, do you know of any other natural testosterone boosters?

    • John Ontal says:

      Power, I definitely believe you will feel the difference in a BIG WAY! Keep me posted on your results. As far as your question… I have an upcoming post on natural testosterone boosters. I will let you know when it is out.

  • Lisa J says:

    Great post and timely! Seems like this time of year brings out the stress and blue moods for me. I feel like I have so much to do. Definitely adding cold showers to my “feel good” routine.

  • Samantha says:

    I never knew taking cold showers had so many benefits. I am trying this starting NOW!

  • JD says:

    John – I am always looking for ways to burn fat and It is amazing how much you can burn by taking cold showers. Seems like a simple hack with huge benefits.

    Thanks for posting, JD

    • John Ontal says:


      It really is simple and may take a little getting used to, but I requires no extra effort. You have to be clean, you may as well, get some other benefits as well:)


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