The Ability To Enjoy The Best Office Views While Working Stimulates Me To Get Things Done

Sitting in a cubicle or closed in office just don’t cut in for me.

Can you relate?

So… I had to take action and do something about it.

I made a decision to live a location independent lifestyle and never looked back. The hidden benefit is that I get to work in some pretty amazing places. I’ve included 37 of these AMAZING views in this post because I want YOU to see what it is like when you take action and “Unleash Your Best Life”.

The simple fact of the matter is… that YOU can work in places just like this too.

my best office views 2- - life hacking blog

One of my best office views – worked outside and then went kayaking  – Hilton Head Island

my best office views 3- - life hacking blog

Worked midweek on this very dock and no one was around – inspiring – Bluffton, South Carolina

my best office views 4- - life hacking blog

Worked from my mobile office as the sun set over the May River near Old Town – Bluffton, South Carolina

my best office views 5- - life hacking blog

One of my favorite and regular best office views on Hilton Head Island – Coligny Beach Park.  There are areas that are covered, swing chairs, fantastic people watching, restaurants close by, and of course the beach and ocean close by for when I get done working.

my best office views 6- - life hacking blog

The Sonesta, Hilton Head Island is not only a beautiful place to stay but to get work done as well – while sitting in on a lounger.

my best office views 7- - life hacking blog

Beach at Hilton Head Island taking sun rise photos for work project. Not bad for a best office view!

my best office views 8- - life hacking blog

Got to photograph this pretty gal. Yes this was work related:)

my best office views 9- - life hacking blog

Some may not understand this as broing one of my “best office views”, but I love working and meeting clients in coffee shops.  Starbucks, Bluffton, South Carolina

my best office views 10- - life hacking blog

Yes, I worked my butt off to get on this cruise ship and worked while on it – somewhere in the eastern Caribbean

my best office views 11- - life hacking blog

My backyard, definitely one of my favorite office views – LOVE bringing the laptop out here and catching some rays while working. #lifehacking at it’s best

my best office views 12- - life hacking blog

A little cafe across the street from the beach as the sun was going down – hard work makes me thirsty

my best office views 13- - life hacking blog

Harbour Town Golf Links in Seapines was the setting for this, “best office views” photo.

my best office views 14- - life hacking blog

No filter needed – at this little hidden spot – Hilton Head Island

my best office views 15- - life hacking blog

Beach inspiration – safe for laptops as long as the wind isn’t blowing

my best office views 16- - life hacking blog

Water inspires me tremendously – Palmetto Bay Marina

my best office views 17- - life hacking blog

Taliesin West – Frank Lloyd Wright Home Scottsdale, Arizona – as I waited for my tour, I closed a new client via email. I squeezed in the tour while at an incredible conference in the area.

my best office views 18- - life hacking blog

West End, Roatan, Honduras – had to break away from updating blog so yo can see this best office view I got to enjoy today.

my best office views 19- - life hacking blog

Hung out here today – Pinckney Island – and the creativity kept pouring out.

my best office views 20- - life hacking blog

One of my clients owns tour boat, fishing charter company and he wanted to meet on his boat. I couldn’t complain one bit. – Atlantic Ocean

my best office views 21- - life hacking blog

One of my best office views was off the coast of Belize.

my best office views 22- - life hacking blog

West End Village was the setting for one of my best office views.

my best office views 23- - life hacking blog

Harbour Town is a frequent spot for me to work. Outside seating, rocking chairs, picnic tables, restaurants and parks make this a go to spot… and the views aren’t too bad either.

my best office views 24- - life hacking blog

Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Mexico – Cruise ship docked here so I worked and played:)

my best office views 25- - life hacking blog

Florida Atlantic Coast

my best office views 26- - life hacking blog

Pool Bar Jims in the off season is a favorite place to work of mine.

my best office views 27- - life hacking blog

Top deck from Cruise ship close to Cuba

my best office views 328- - life hacking blog

Skullcreek Boathouse has some of the best sunsets and outside seating to work from.

my best office views 29- - life hacking blog

Hilton Head Island has many inspiring spots to work from – this is one of them.

my best office views 30- - life hacking blog

In between the bridges makes for one of my best office views.

my best office views 31- - life hacking blog

Working on an airplane with no one sitting next to me is always one of my favorite office views.

my best office views - life hacking blog

Admirals Club Phoenix Arizona – When flights are delayed there is no place better to relax and get work done than in a private club at the airport – a perfect reason for making the list of my best office views. #priceless #lifehacking

my best office views 33- - life hacking blog

Inlet on the Broad Creek was the setting for this “best office view”

my best office views 34- - life hacking blog

Clearwater Beach, Florida – Sand Pearl Resort – was the setting for one of my best office views.

office views life hacking machine blog

Another photo of my Clearwater Beach office view at the SandPearl Resort

my best office views 35- - life hacking blog

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Boardwalk – a perfect spot to work and enjoy the ocean breeze

my best office views 36- - life hacking blog

Tybee Island makes for another of my best office views.

best office views,, 37

Shelter Cove Park makes for great sunsets and a serene place for getting work done.

There you have it!

Those are 37 of my best office views. Yes, I actually worked from all of these spots and wouldn’t have it any other way. Many of these spots I work from on a regular basis.

Enjoying views like these are just are one of the many reasons why I chose to live a location independent lifestyle.

To finding office views that inspire, motivate and encourage you to Unleash Your Best Life,

John Ontal

P.S. – Let me know some of your favorite work spots to beat the regular office and cubicle views in the comments below.

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